Aurélien Coillet



I do a little bit of programing on my spare time, mainly in Python and gtk. Here are the results of my small projects.


Small manager for the Global Sat DG200 GPS datalogger. It can download tracks in a GPX file, set the device configuration and erase its memory.

PyDG200 :
Default version, works with python 2. Dependencies :

Py3DG200 :
Version working with python 3. Dependencies :

To launch it, uncompress the archive file, give the python file execution rights and launch it. It could be useful to launch it from a terminal to get errors messages during the execution. Please contact me if you encounter some bug.

You will probably need a special udev rule to access the data logger as a simple user. For this purpose, create a /etc/udev/rules.d/51-udev-defaults.rules file containing:

KERNEL=="tty[A-Z]*|pppox*|ircomm*|noz*", GROUP="uucp", MODE="0666"